Balance and Bloom

Quiet your mind. Strengthen your body. Balance your life.

Quiet your mind. Strengthen your body. Balance your life.

Quiet your mind. Strengthen your body. Balance your life.Quiet your mind. Strengthen your body. Balance your life.

As a registered holistic nutritionist, I incorporate the mind-body-spirit connection into every personalized, well-rounded wellness plan. From focus on natural, whole foods, individualized meal plans and recipes, to  lifestyle assessments and recommendations, all plans are tailored to your unique needs in pursuit of optimal health.


Individual Consultations

Starting your personal coaching with an initial consultation, together we will build a program to suit your individual health goals. Focusing on whole foods, every program and client is unique. Nutritional plans can include guidance in making food choices, menu plans and recipes, and lifestyle recommendations. 

Workplace, Group, Community Programs

Presentations, key interest topics and lunch and learns can be beneficial in a group setting. Group coaching offers an opportunity to share experience, accountability and celebrate successes.



Sound familiar?

  • You often give in to food cravings and choose unhealthy foods.
  • You feel like you’re stuck on the “diet roller coaster” – always dieting but never keeping the weight off.
  • You commonly turn to food in stressful situations instead of choosing exercise or healthier stress-busting techniques.
  • You struggle to find time in your busy schedule to prepare healthy meals.
  • You feel like you “live to eat“ instead of “eat to live.”
  • You wish there was a simple way to bring more vitality and joy into your life.

If you answered “yes” when you read any (or all) of the above statements, then the  Focus on Healthy Eating Program is for YOU!

Diets focus on deprivation as the way to achieve weight loss and better health. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t work for long! 

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program empowers you to address and remove the root causes of your food challenges ― so that you stop obsessing about food and body image, and start living your life fully engaged.

In this program, you’ll discover how easy it is to remove your mental barriers and finally release the stress you feel around food and eating.


“Focus on Healthy Eating” is an interactive, 6 or 12-week mindful eating and healthy weight management program that can change your relationship with food forever!